And Here We Are!

As a result of my sous vide machine being a flop, I decided to make this website. I wanted to do something positive with my fame and teach others the craft that I love so much. I’ve been offering online classes on sous vide, which has been pretty successful.

I’m going to be starting a YouTube channel for people to watch me cook sous vide. I’m thinking about coming out with a sous vide cookbook, but I’m not sure how many people will buy it. I’m going to hold off on that for now.

I guess this is my way of being a philanthropist. Yeah, it’s not the same as curing malaria, but it is certainly something that many people can benefit from.

I hope that spreading the word on sous vide cooking is going to change the lives of many families out there.

One thing that I told all of the guests at my restaurants was how sous vide can bring a family together. It’s so easy to do that anyone can do it; even your 8 year old son!

I would tell families to let their children prepare the meals and see how easy it is to make delicious food. This would help make them love cooking!

My hope was that learning sous vide would teach these children how to be healthier in the future, since many people do not eat healthy food nowadays.

Cooking sous vide is a passion of mine… and one that I hope I can share with all of you. I am sorry if I came off as arrogant in my other posts, but I wanted to show you my evolution. I have grown with sous vide.

Sous vide cooking has made me the person it is today. It brought me to the highest points that a chef can reach, and then brought me down and made me humble.

I hope I can help you learn sous vide.