And Here We Are!

As a result of my sous vide machine being a flop, I decided to make this website. I wanted to do something positive with my fame and teach others the craft that I love so much. I’ve been offering online classes on sous vide, which has been pretty successful.

I’m going to be starting a YouTube channel for people to watch me cook sous vide. I’m thinking about coming out with a sous vide cookbook, but I’m not sure how many people will buy it. I’m going to hold off on that for now.

I guess this is my way of being a philanthropist. Yeah, it’s not the same as curing malaria, but it is certainly something that many people can benefit from.

I hope that spreading the word on sous vide cooking is going to change the lives of many families out there.

One thing that I told all of the guests at my restaurants was how sous vide can bring a family together. It’s so easy to do that anyone can do it; even your 8 year old son!

I would tell families to let their children prepare the meals and see how easy it is to make delicious food. This would help make them love cooking!

My hope was that learning sous vide would teach these children how to be healthier in the future, since many people do not eat healthy food nowadays.

Cooking sous vide is a passion of mine… and one that I hope I can share with all of you. I am sorry if I came off as arrogant in my other posts, but I wanted to show you my evolution. I have grown with sous vide.

Sous vide cooking has made me the person it is today. It brought me to the highest points that a chef can reach, and then brought me down and made me humble.

I hope I can help you learn sous vide.

My Sous Vide Machine Line

After all of the success and fame that I had received from sous vide cooking, my business manager and I decided that the next best step was to launch my own sous vide machine. I had been using sous vide machines for many years and knew that I could make a better product.

After all, who would know what makes a sous vide machine the best other than a world renowned sous vide chef?

We began the design process. Our first thought was “what do people need the most from a sous vide machine?”

We wanted people to have an easy to use machine that is precise and quick to heat. We began designing right away. We came up with several mock drafts and after a few months, we finally sent our sous vide machine to a manufacturer for production.

Our manufacturer found a few problems with the production of our sous vide machine. He said it would cost too much and not be profitable for us. After all, who is going to want to buy a $990 sous vide machine? Not many people outside of a commercial kitchen.

We began reading some comprehensive sous vide gear ratings at this siteand found that the majority of sous vide machines were ranging from $200 to $300. We had to get our product down to that price point. It took a while, but we were eventually able to do it.

After a few more months, our sous vide machine finally hit the market. We were so excited.

Unfortunately, it was a complete flop and no one bought it. It was sad that no one wanted my sous vide machine. I had worked so hard on it and thought that my fame could carry me to the promised land. Unfortunately, fame can only get you so far. I think I’m going to leave the sous vide machine manufacturing to the professionals.

The Sous Vide Recognition

Soon after I had opened up my second restaurant, the fame really started to roll in. I was being offered interviews in prestigious magazines and TV shows. I was being featured on radio talk shows and being brought to award ceremonies. It was like a whirlwind had hit me. Who knew that sous vide cooking could bring me this level of success and fame? My parents were so proud.

One of my favorite experiences was doing the Howard Stern show. I had a blast learning from Howard, who is actually an incredibly smart man, about how sous vide cooking had transformed his life. Sous vide cooking has actually transformed a lot of lives.

Howard told me that his favorite meal to cook sous vide was duck. Myself, I love cooking duck sous vide. Unfortunately in Japan we don’t have a lot of duck meat to cook with. Luckily though, I am able to import it.

Cooking duck sous vide has become one of my more famous dishes at my restaurants. People come from all across the land to taste my cooked sous vide duck breast.

Personally, I still love sous vide steak, but I do have a spot in my heart for sous vide duck.

Anyways, after I was on Howard Stern, I was suddenly being flown out to celebrity parties to cook sous vide for them. I was meeting so many A-list American celebrities.. I was becoming one in their circle. All because I could cook sous vide.

I always told them how hard it was to cook sous vide and how it was an art. Little did they know that cooking sous vide is one of the easiest things in the whole world. That’s just our secret though.

Sous vide cooking had brought me a life that I had only dreamed of when I was a kid. I hoped that my sous vide journey would never end.

In fact, it didn’t… it only continued to my own sous vide product line.

My First Restaurant

I knew that because of the great fish that we had available to us at the fish market, that this would make a prime location to bring sous vide to Japan. I knew the people are looking for new and creative ways in order to eat the fish that we had plenty of. They were getting bored of eating fish and soup or just simply filleted. I want to bring something now it’s more higher end to the market, and that’s when I decided I want to open a sous vide restaurant.

Open up my first restaurant right in the heart of Japan. It was actually in downtown Tokyo. This was quite the risk because the market was controlled by the triad. I paid my way into my own location and within two months I was open for business. I trained three of my chefs how to cook sous vide. They all adapted very very well, because I bought higher-end sous vide machines.

When you first open, we didn’t get many customers. It took us a while but word eventually spread of the delicious food that we are cooking sous vide. Eventually we became one of the trendy locations throughout the city. People were lining up all the way around the block to have some the fish that we are cooking sous vide. We soon be getting many raver views on online websites and were getting more and more traffic.

We knew that we had to expand this location or else we’re going to be missing on the way too much business. I opened up a second location in the business district of Tokyo. I knew that the bankers there had plenty of money to spend in love to eat at finer establishments. This was my second sous vide restaurant.

The second sous vide restaurant was even a bigger hit than the first. This is because I knew what I was doing in new how to decorate and promote the place. A grand opening with 300 people trying to get in.

I trained an additional five chefs how to cook sous vide at this location. I bought a lot of the top alliances vide machines. I guess still continue to love the fish that I was cooking them sous vide.

However, this is when things really decided to take a turn in my life. Sous vide was about to control me.

Where I Learned To Cook Sous Vide

Many times I’ve been asked my my students where I learned to cook sous vide. I always tell them that it started back about 15 years ago, when I was learning how to first cook in the seas of Japan. Yes, that’s right I used to work on a fishing boat. That’s really really learned how to fly and cook a fish.

Anyways, I was out on the seas of Japan a my fishing boat for one of the sailors began to cut the fish and then put into a plastic bag. I figure that he was just trying to preserve the fish, but it turns out he wasn’t. He then put the fish inside of some type of machine that just spun the water around the fish. I was really confused as to what was going on. After about 45 minutes he took the fish out and said that we can eat it. It was by far the most delicious meal I have ever had in my life.

I asked him what kind of technique it was that he cook that with. He said it was sous vide. He then expenditures vide has been used for many many centuries by many different cultures in order to prepare delicious food. Too sweet I really only requires heated water and only for to be effective. However, nowadays people tend to have dedicated sous vide machines and immersion circulators that take care the deed.

When I got back to land I decided that I really want to learn sous vide. I didn’t know where to start, but luckily the Internet was first forming and I found some recipes on there. I bought my first sous vide machine and begin cooking away. Needless to say, it was quite a challenge when I was first starting out. Aside to say that sous vide cooking is hard, because it isn’t, it’s more along the lines that the machines at the time with the best.

However, like anything else, I decided that it was going to adapt and really learn the ways of sous vide cooking.

After about three years I finally master the art of sous vide cooking. I was no longer following recipes of other people but instead I was beginning to create my own sous vide recipe. This is what really began to give me my critically aclaimed fame.

Soon I would open up my first restaurant in my tale would really begin.