My First Restaurant

I knew that because of the great fish that we had available to us at the fish market, that this would make a prime location to bring sous vide to Japan. I knew the people are looking for new and creative ways in order to eat the fish that we had plenty of. They were getting bored of eating fish and soup or just simply filleted. I want to bring something now it’s more higher end to the market, and that’s when I decided I want to open a sous vide restaurant.

Open up my first restaurant right in the heart of Japan. It was actually in downtown Tokyo. This was quite the risk because the market was controlled by the triad. I paid my way into my own location and within two months I was open for business. I trained three of my chefs how to cook sous vide. They all adapted very very well, because I bought higher-end sous vide machines.

When you first open, we didn’t get many customers. It took us a while but word eventually spread of the delicious food that we are cooking sous vide. Eventually we became one of the trendy locations throughout the city. People were lining up all the way around the block to have some the fish that we are cooking sous vide. We soon be getting many raver views on online websites and were getting more and more traffic.

We knew that we had to expand this location or else we’re going to be missing on the way too much business. I opened up a second location in the business district of Tokyo. I knew that the bankers there had plenty of money to spend in love to eat at finer establishments. This was my second sous vide restaurant.

The second sous vide restaurant was even a bigger hit than the first. This is because I knew what I was doing in new how to decorate and promote the place. A grand opening with 300 people trying to get in.

I trained an additional five chefs how to cook sous vide at this location. I bought a lot of the top alliances vide machines. I guess still continue to love the fish that I was cooking them sous vide.

However, this is when things really decided to take a turn in my life. Sous vide was about to control me.