My Sous Vide Machine Line

After all of the success and fame that I had received from sous vide cooking, my business manager and I decided that the next best step was to launch my own sous vide machine. I had been using sous vide machines for many years and knew that I could make a better product.

After all, who would know what makes a sous vide machine the best other than a world renowned sous vide chef?

We began the design process. Our first thought was “what do people need the most from a sous vide machine?”

We wanted people to have an easy to use machine that is precise and quick to heat. We began designing right away. We came up with several mock drafts and after a few months, we finally sent our sous vide machine to a manufacturer for production.

Our manufacturer found a few problems with the production of our sous vide machine. He said it would cost too much and not be profitable for us. After all, who is going to want to buy a $990 sous vide machine? Not many people outside of a commercial kitchen.

We began reading some comprehensive sous vide gear ratings at this siteand found that the majority of sous vide machines were ranging from $200 to $300. We had to get our product down to that price point. It took a while, but we were eventually able to do it.

After a few more months, our sous vide machine finally hit the market. We were so excited.

Unfortunately, it was a complete flop and no one bought it. It was sad that no one wanted my sous vide machine. I had worked so hard on it and thought that my fame could carry me to the promised land. Unfortunately, fame can only get you so far. I think I’m going to leave the sous vide machine manufacturing to the professionals.