The Sous Vide Recognition

Soon after I had opened up my second restaurant, the fame really started to roll in. I was being offered interviews in prestigious magazines and TV shows. I was being featured on radio talk shows and being brought to award ceremonies. It was like a whirlwind had hit me. Who knew that sous vide cooking could bring me this level of success and fame? My parents were so proud.

One of my favorite experiences was doing the Howard Stern show. I had a blast learning from Howard, who is actually an incredibly smart man, about how sous vide cooking had transformed his life. Sous vide cooking has actually transformed a lot of lives.

Howard told me that his favorite meal to cook sous vide was duck. Myself, I love cooking duck sous vide. Unfortunately in Japan we don’t have a lot of duck meat to cook with. Luckily though, I am able to import it.

Cooking duck sous vide has become one of my more famous dishes at my restaurants. People come from all across the land to taste my cooked sous vide duck breast.

Personally, I still love sous vide steak, but I do have a spot in my heart for sous vide duck.

Anyways, after I was on Howard Stern, I was suddenly being flown out to celebrity parties to cook sous vide for them. I was meeting so many A-list American celebrities.. I was becoming one in their circle. All because I could cook sous vide.

I always told them how hard it was to cook sous vide and how it was an art. Little did they know that cooking sous vide is one of the easiest things in the whole world. That’s just our secret though.

Sous vide cooking had brought me a life that I had only dreamed of when I was a kid. I hoped that my sous vide journey would never end.

In fact, it didn’t… it only continued to my own sous vide product line.